Ajjro is a platform designed to connect users with parking space to users in search of short-term parking. Parking owners register into our system and receive payment when their lot is rented out. Renters gain easy access to parking spots near their destination, at any time. With Ajjro, parking anywhere in the city is effortlessly attainable.

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An online marketplace that makes parking anywhere in the city easy and attainable.


Whether you are the parking provider or the renting user, our platform remains available 24/7 for all your parking requests.


Currently operating in Switzerland. Check the app to see when Ajjro is available in your city.

How does Ajjro work?

It's Simple!
No more worrying about parking meters or late fines!


Register with us as a parking owner or renter


Select your location or destination


Make a profit with your empty parking or enjoy the most convenient space for your destination.

Want to know more?

Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions on demand.